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About WINTAIR Airconditioning

The WINTAIR product is manufactured in the Hisense Kelon factory as a quality sub brand. The Hisense group is one of China’s largest airconditioning manufacturers acquiring controlling share in the Kelon factory in 2007. Significantly, Hisense enjoys a 49% share with Hitachi Japan and this association is clearly evident in the quality of the finished product.

Furthermore, this partnership has proven to be a success as the Hisense brand has grown in both quality and market acceptance the world over. Particularly, the WINTAIR brand has enjoyed success within the North American market over the last 8 years.

Within the Southern African market the Hisense and WINTAIR brand forms part of the same group of companies distributing the Petra, Belimo and Mitsubishi Electric brands. Most notably, the ethos across all the brands distributed within the group is to supply high quality airconditioning equipment, ancillaries and the like supported by exceptional technical backup and comprehensive range of spares.

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